Die Community ist uns wichtig, darum sind wir stolzer Host einer Konferenz rund ums Thema Softwareentwicklung.

Knowledge is Power,
Shared Knowledge is multiplied Power.

Unsere Identität ist dadurch geprägt, Teil der Community zu sein und diese aktiv mitzugestalten. Wir leben eine Kultur des Lernens und Teilens und sind der Meinung, dass Wissen für alle zugänglich sein sollte.


von #SQUERdenkern

Real life Product Owner challenges

Most probably every job appears differently in real life, than by the book. Over the time we uncovered some real life product owner challenges which can be observed quite frequently. In this article you will learn how we tackled two of them.

Manuel Klein

Bridging the Gap between Gatsby and Open Graph Images

An introduction on how to derive Open Graph Images directly from react components during build time, without all the ceremony. This allows the creation of Cover Images for Social Media with full GraphQL query support and smooth integration into your Gatsby build pipeline.

David Leitner

COVID-19 - Curve Flattener App

Dein Beitrag zur Eindämmung des Coronavirus - Trage dazu bei, die Ausbreitung von COVID-19 zu verlangsamen!

Matthias Kreuzriegler

The Language as a Barrier in Agile Teams

Agile teams have their everyday problems. User Stories being written and refined in the last moment, technical debt piling up for lack of time or developers making undocumented and not communicated changes to the code. However occasionally team problems are below the obvious surface. If you have ever worked in agile development teams, you were most likely working with other nationalities. Different nationalities mean - usually - different mother tongues and communication that you do...

Daniel Fonai

The inner workings of Technical Conferences

In this blog post, we want to give you an insight, based on our experience from the past years of speaking at international conferences, about some less obvious but quite significative things you should be aware of when submitting a talk to a conference.

David Leitner