Serving a Unicorn: Making Load Peaks a Thing of the Past for Bitpanda.

Bitpanda offers digital brokerage services for stocks, crypto, and metals. The startup has developed along a mind-blowing success story to become Austrias first unicorn.

Bitpanda’s business evolved faster than their system.

As usual, startups are eager to release the first MVP as well as further product features including a full-blown solution fast - lightning fast. Since speed was first priority, aspects like scalability did not get as much attention. To make a system sufficiently scalable in the aftermath is tough, and not always possible. In combination with changing their Software Architecture as a whole, Bitpanda was searching for an alternative solution to their prior system.

Technology BoostSustainable Delivery

Software architecture plays a critical role in emerging fintech ecosystems in order to stay ahead of the competition and to fulfill the customers needs. We founded Bitpanda in 2014 as a crypto-trading company and since then, the company has evolved into a well-rounded investment platform with more than 3 million people trusting us with their money. We’re constantly scaling and growing, so we do need our systems to adapt to our load, but also to our organizational structures. In SQUER, we found a reliable partner who fully understands our needs.

Christian Trummer
CTO, Bitpanda

Let’s get reactive!

Bitpanda carefully thought about how to shape their future architecture. Integrating their coins into reactive architecture seemed to be their safest bet. Reactive Architectures not only fulfill non-functional requirements like scalability very well, but also support an organization that is in the middle of a huge growth process very well. Due to the strict encapsulation of organizational and technical responsibilities in combination with loose coupling of components by integrating them via event streaming (in this case Apache Kafka) Bitpanda can leverage a lot of benefits from this architecture style.

Making it possible, together

We had the opportunity to learn about the challenges and traps by working with several migration projects. To minimize the risk of making unfortunate decisions and setting architecture cornerstones in place at the beginning, which might become expensive and difficult to clean up later on, we are supporting Bitpanda designing and implementing the new Architecture together.

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David Leitner
David Leitner ist Geschäftsführer und Engineering Lead bei SQUER Solutions und beschäftigt sich mit der Architektur, Konzeption und Umsetzung von Web Anwendungen in Front- und Backend. Seit 2016 hat David den Begriff MicroFrontends maßgeblich mitgeprägt und seine Ideen und Erfahrungen auf internationalen Konferenzen prolongiert. Er ist außerdem externer Lektor an der FH Technikum Wien in Post-Diploma Kursen zu Software Architektur und Software Frameworks. Er ist Initiator der Codecrafts Conference in Wien, Autor zahlreicher Fachartikel, regelmäßiger Co-Host eines Podcasts und häufiger Vortragender an Konferenzen rund um den Globus. Neben all diesen Tätigkeiten tut David aber nach wie vor nichts lieber, als gemeinsam mit Teams Softwarelösungen zu entwickeln, welche für User einen wahren Mehrwert schaffen.


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