Agile Transformation for Raiffeisen Bank International

Raiffeisenbank International is Austria’s leading commercial and investment bank as well as Austria’s second-largest bank with a balance sheet total of EUR 155.6 billion.

Raiffeisen Bank International wants to adapt to changing markets quicker and more efficiently.

To reduce time-to-market, create business value more frequent as well as boost efficiency, Raiffeisenbank International wants to introduce agile principles and practices instead of traditional workflows within the organisation.

Realizing AgileUpskilling

Great, proactive communication and exactly the knowledge we need - fully satisfied.

Elisabeth Geyer-Schall
Head of Group IT Delivery, Raiffeisen Bank International

Our Collaboration

We are supporting Raiffeisen Bank International during their agile transformation. With this process, we are acting as agile coaches while working with Adaptive Tribes on a team level as well as on a tribe level. While introducing agile frameworks and methodologies on the team level, we are providing support by creating impact maps, introducing fact based prioritisation and putting the right alignment structures into place on a tribe level, all of this while always keeping Conways Law in mind.

Cross Cutting Activities

Alongside the work with adaptive tribes within Raiffeisen Bank International we are also providing support for cross cutting activities, such as giving Product Owner trainings. Together we have managed to ignite the transformation process in a number of tribes.

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Manuel Klein
Manuel hat viel Erfahrung im Shapen von agilen Setups, beim Begleiten und Coachen von Product Teams, sowie im technologischen Neuausrichten von schwer beweglichen Organisationen. Er war Tribe Lead in einer von Österreichs größten Banken und kann somit Challenges auf jeder Ebene eines Unternehmens lösen.


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