Establishing a Microservice and Micro Frontend Architecture at Raiffeisen Bank International.

Raiffeisenbank International is Austria’s leading commercial and investment bank as well as Austria’s second-largest bank with a balance sheet total of EUR 155.6 billion.

Raiffeisen Bank International wants to become more customer-oriented.

In order to establish a user-oriented design, Raiffeisenbank International needed a portal that allows the customer to quickly complete KYC processes, unbureaucratically apply for loans, while giving an overview of relevant correspondences within the document archive.

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SQUER is a transparent and sustainable partner who critically questions the decisions made to get to the best possible outcome.

Elisabeth Geyer-Schall
Head of Delivery, Raiffeisen Bank International

Our Approach

After a convincing proof-of-concept, we continued our cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank International by implementing a Micro Service architecture. At the same time, we successfully supported the Micro Frontends implementation of customer-facing Web Frontends using Angular until it was ready for the market.


We supported Raiffeisen Bank International from the concept-sketching process to the production process. Through our assistance, measurable customer satisfaction could be achieved by providing innovative operating concepts and pursuing a strong customer focus..

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Lukasz Juszczyk
Lukasz ist Co-Founder und Software-Entwickler/-Architekt bei SQUER. Sein Fokus liegt auf Enterprise-Architekturen, die er als PhD-Student auf der TU Wien erforscht und danach hauptsächlich im Bereich der Financial Industries entwickelt hat. Technologisch fühlt er sich am stärksten der Java-Welt verbunden und hat ein Faible für alternative JVM-Sprachen, wie Kotlin, Scala und Groovy.


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