SQUER, what about you?

Do more than you could have ever imagined. Shape the future of software engineering with us.
You,think every question is worth asking?
You,love learning new things, broadening your horizon and are not afraid of making a mistake, instead of moving without getting anywhere?
You,feel comfortable in more than one discipline and are looking for new challenges away from rigid role models?
You,prefer going far together, instead of going fast alone?
This is SQUER.


Find your passion.

Scrum Master

(f/m/x) — Fulltime — Vienna, Austria
Accompany Scrum teams in achieving their goals and help them to meet their own delivery requirements. Support them to grow, encourage them to work independently and to use mistake as opportunities to develop further.

Agile Coach

(f/m/x) — Fulltime — Vienna, Austria
Understand structures, setups and agile models to set them up, challenge and improve them in real business cases. As a SQUER agile coach, you will help teams of our partners to restructure, change and improve.

Software Engineer

(f/m/x) — Fulltime — Vienna, Austria
Develop, design, test, deploy, maintain and improve software. As a SQUER engineer, we offer you freedom and a strong team to ensure you are able to contribute and develop your strengths.

Product Owner | Business Analyst

(f/m/x) — Fulltime — Vienna, Austria
Help to develop great products by having a deep insight into our partners’ business model, value propositions, strategies and visions. You count analysing complex business areas and fact-driven prioritisation of requirements as your core strengths. As SQUER business analyst you in charge of changing the future of our partners and products.

March 25 & 26, 2021 · Vienna

We proudly present our own software development conference.