A Revolutionary Real Estate Platform

We are supporting PROPUP, a startup focusing on connecting all relevant people during Real Estate transactions to build an innovative real estate platform in the most transparent, efficient and fair way possible.

PROPUP wants to shape the future of the real estate industry.

Although the real estate industry is the largest asset class in the world, the majority of the process is still carried out analogously. PROPUP drives innovation, boost sustainability and efficiency by offering simplified and digitalized processes of real estate transactions. First functions implemented include a digital handover protocol to guarantee a practical, contemporary and transparent way of connecting everybody involved online.

Technology BoostSustainable Delivery

SQUER helps us to bring our ideas to life - it only took a few weeks to build the first features of our platform!

Michael Reikersdorfer
Co-Founder, PROPUP

Let's sharpe the vision

Together with the startup, we sharpened the business vision of PROPUP by designing wireframes used for early user testing. Currently, we are building an MVP together which allows to gather feedback from users quickly and easily as well as adopting the product accordingly. To build the digital platform, state-of-the-art technology is been used.

Making it possible, together

Within a few weeks, we developed the first functions for the PROPUP platform, which allowed the quick acquisition of customer feedback that can further be used to develop costumer-orientated functions. While we are primarily responsible for the technical implementation including detailing of processes, implementation, testing, infrastructure setup and management as well as software maintenance, we help at the same time with knowledge transfer, so that PROPUP can take over parts of the implementation. Moreover, we advise the startup on a strategical and business level to ensure quick market entry.

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Project Lead

Matthias Kreuzriegler
Matthias is our Leatherman. Flexibility, versatility and willingness to learn are his greatest strengths, which he has demonstrated many times thanks to his extensive experience in agile setup and as Scrum Master. As a software architect, he was actively involved in drafting, further developing and establishing the micro service architecture of one of Austria's largest banks.


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