Clemens Stift

As Senior Engineer, Clemens is not just on the keys but coaches his peers and actively participates in architectural discussions - with a good eye for his organisational surroundings.

About Clemens

Engineer with an MSc. in Management of Innovation and Business Development. After a successful education in the social sciences, Clemens dove deep into his passion for IT, coding away and consuming any book he could get his hands on.

Since then, he's been developing credit card APIs with a Microservice architecture in Berlin, applying his empirical expertise with the creation of testing concepts and providing impulses for the rapid growth of an enginering organisation of considerable size using his management expertise.

Fields of Actions

Clemens 's expertise in our fields of action. More information on our four business areas can be found under our services.
Technology Boost
Realizing Agile
Sustainable Delivery

Clemens's cover picture

I like to balance my considerable screen time as a software developer with water sports, specifically wakeboarding. I am fascinated by it because it not only is exhausting and fun but because, as with development, constant practice and setting ambitious goals is the only way to progress in the sport. Also, falling into the water the 100th time isn't so bad in summer.


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